FINOBETON S.A. was established in 1985
and is one of the largest investments
in Crete, in the production and distribution
of premixed concrete and asphalt products.

The company’s continuous development
and innovation, in combination with its dedication to the high quality of the finished product and the high level of offered services, soon made it a market-leader in sales in its operational field and helped it grow into other fields.

The plant for the production of FINOMIX premixed dry mortars was completed
in 2007 and started its operation in the company’s facilities in Hordaki, Akrotiri, Chania, in a 170,000m2 surface area. The excellent quality marble powder that is produced
in the privately owned marble quarry is the driving force and the basic raw material
for the building mortars, the tile adhesives and a series of specialized products
that fully cover the requirements of modern construction.

With the production unit in combination with research and development and the distribution of high quality FINOMIX dry mortars in the Greek market through a large network of partners, FINOBETON S.A. managed to grow outside the local market,
also making exports abroad (Cyprus, Balkan countries, etc).

The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and the FINOMIX products have
a CE marking, where this is required by the relevant European standards.


The FINOMIX premixed dry mortars provide integrated solutions to all demands of the construction sector. They include the following specific product categories:

• Repairing materials
Waterproofing & sealing materials, putties
Tile adhesives & grouts
Floor screeds
• External thermal insulation composite systems for the facades of buildings
• Decorative mortars
• Building mortars & premixed plasters
• Concrete & mortar admixtures
• Cleaners.

With the continuous upgrade of the technological equipment with technologies that significantly reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment, such as dedusting units and filters, and by using recyclable packaging materials, FINOBETON S.A. ranks among companies that have a strong environmental awareness and aim at protecting the planet’s natural resources.

The standing goal of FINOBETON S.A. is the high quality of the products and services it provides to buyers, always focusing on the needs of the people, society and the natural environment.