FotoProductionThe FINOMIX premixed dry mortars
are produced at the FINOBETON Group’s
facilities, in Hordaki, Akrotiri, Chania, in a
state-of-the-art fully automated production
plant, using German technology, with
a 500 ton daily capacity.

The plant has been vertically designed, to
increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.

The production of the mortars includes the following stages:

1. Primary processing: Mining and cleaning of marble
2. Secondary processing: Production of marble powder
3. Drying and sieving of marble powder
4. Weighing and mixing of raw materials
5. Packaging and palletization of finished product.

The basic raw materials for the production of mortars are the excellent quality marble powder obtained from the company’s privately owned marble quarry, cement, calcium hydroxide and admixtures.

The factory produces tile adhesives and grouts, repairing and waterproofing mortars, putties, premixed plasters, masonry mortars, concrete and mortar admixtures, plaster primers and other quality construction materials capable of covering any need of the construction sector.