FC 1200

Fiber-reinforced - Water repellent

Fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified final-coat marble plaster.
It exhibits particularly high plasticity, adhesion and strong water repellency, without obstructing the water-vapor permeability of structural elements.
Classified as CS II-III / W1 / A1 type mortar according to European standard EN 998-1.
Available in two grain sizes (1.0mm and 3.5mm) depending on the desired result.
It is produced in 6 standard colours and other colours on demand (minimum quantity 3,000kg).
It can also be easily coloured with NATURAL COLOURS pigments in powder form.

Used as final finish for surfaces i.e. as final-coat marble plaster after the base or traditional plaster coat.
Applied with a plastering machine or manually.
In combination with the fiber-reinforced FC 1100 adhesive for insulation boards, they compose the FINOCLIMA® certified external thermal insulation composite system for the facades of buildings.
Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Approximately 6-7 kg/m2 for a 5mm thick layer.

Available in:
• 25kg paper bags
Shelf life: At least 12 months from production date in sealed bags, in dry conditions, protected from frost.