Aiming to provide our customers with the best available solutions, and being an innovator in the dry mortar field, our company offers the FINOMIX products in 7m3 and 22m3 silos, for the production of masonry mortar, plasters and floor screeds.

The use of the ready-mixed FINOMIX dry mortars in silos provides our customers with the following advantages:

• Clean construction site with respect to the environment
• Saves time – Increases productivity
• Significantly reduces labor and construction cost
• Avoids loss of materials
• Immediate availability
• Ensures health and safety at work

The FINOMIX dry mortar silos are available with an integrated automatic mixer, with a 2.5 m3/hour production capacity.

Our company’s specialized technicians provide our customers with complete training and technical support to ensure trouble-free operation of silos, as well as fast and accurate service during the distribution and supply of silos.