research & development,
quality control

FotoResearchResearch and development ereunaare the core of FINOMIX‘s philosophy, allowing it to develop innovative and quality products.

To this end, it has set up a modern Research and Development Department, staffed with experienced and fully trained scientific personnel, with the purpose of designing high quality products.

FINOMIX aims at modern, quality and easy-to-use products, providing integrated,
reliable and durable solutions in the field of structural materials.

In the framework of the continuous research for new materials and applications,
FINOMIX participates in research partnership programs with leading universities in the country. It also cooperates with leading research centers for the development of structural chemicals in Europe, with the purpose of exchanging know-how and
keeping its research staff updated on the new technologies. In this way, the constant improvement and upgrade of its products is achieved.

FINOMIX products are produced following all European regulations and the instructions of the Technical Chamber of Greece, have a CE marking where this is required by the relevant European standards and are subject to all the necessary quality controls
in order to ensure their standard high quality.

For this reason the company implements an ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system for the design, production, quality control and distribution of its products.