General purpose cleaner

Powerful general purpose cleaner with special balanced formula, ideal for cleaning your home or workplace, suitable for every surface like floors, stainless steel countertops, tables, etc., without rinsing.
It also contains anti-marks additives.


Ideal for surfaces such as ceramic tiles, granites, sanitary utensils, countertops, etc.
It has a strong cleaning action against fat, tartar, salt, wine, coffee, oil, etc., without affecting sensitive surfaces thanks to its neutral pH, while leaving a long lasting scent of freshness.


Approximately 1lt / 12-15m2.


Available in:

  • 750ml trigger sprayers
  • 1lt, 5lt and 20lt plastic containers

Shelf life: At least 36 months from production date in sealed containers, protected from sun and frost. Keep out of the reach of children.