sales network

FotoNetworkFINOMIX owes its success to the direct and quality services it provides to its customers.

It has modern and organized warehouses
at its facilities in Chania, Crete, as well as an organized and fully staffed distribution center in the prefecture of Herakleion, in order to cover promptly and without problems any demand of its partners in all regions of Crete.
The distribution center of Herakleion
is capable of promptly serving partners
in the Dodecanese islands and Cyprus.

Since 2014, the new distribution center of FINOMIX in the prefecture of Attica, covers the prompt service of partners in Attica and the rest of the Greek mainland, as well as in the Cycladic islands.

The goal of FINOMIX is the development of an integrated network of selling points,in order to provide reliable and integrated solutions in the field of construction materials in every prefecture of Greece and abroad.