KF 530

Refractory mortar for building and grouting fire bricks

Cementitious mortar based on fireproof cement, for building and grouting fire bricks.
It exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures (1000°C), with strong adhesive strength and resistance to moisture.
Classified as Μ40-A1 type mortar according to European standard EN 998-2.


For building and grouting of all types of fire bricks to fireplaces, ovens, grills, chimneys and in general anywhere with high temperatures.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.


Indicatively: 5 kg/m2 for 1cm joint width to 20x10x3cm fire bricks.


Available in:

  • 5kg plastic bags
  • 25kg paper bags

Shelf life: At least 12 months from production date in sealed bags, in dry conditions, protected from frost.