SD 90

Elastic microcement mortar for floor & wall applications
polymer-modified - water resistant

Elastic, extra-fine coarsed cement mortar, formulated for creating smooth, modern and durable surfaces on interior and exterior walls and floors.
It exhibits exceptionally high flexibility, as well as high resistance to abrasion, excellent bonding with the substrate and excellent resistance to moisture.
It is classified as 1-component, cementitious mortar for surface protection of concrete surfaces according to European standard EN 1504-02.
It can also be easily coloured with NATURAL COLOURS pigments in powder form.


Used on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, on any type of substrate (concrete, plaster, old floors, underfloor heating, gypsum boards, cement boards, MDF).
Ideal for creating unique aesthetics structures such as custom-made bathtubs and washbasins, countertops, tables, etc.
It is ideal for renovations, restorations and new constructions.


Approximately 1.5 kg/m2 for a 1mm thick layer.


Available in:

  • 10kg plastic containers
  • 20kg paper bags

Shelf life: At least 12 months from production date in sealed bags, protected from moisture and direct sun exposure.