sil•proof 5060 nano

water-repelling nano-emulsion for the protection of absorbent surfaces


Ready-to-use aqueous emulsion of nano-molecular structure, for the hydrophobic impregnation of porous surfaces indoors and outdoors.
It provides the surfaces with a strong and exceptionally durable hydrophobic profile without leaving marks or stains and without affecting their colour and water-vapour transpiration capability.
It protects the surfaces from moisture ingress, eliminates efflorescence and increases their resistance to frost.
Classified as hydrophobic impregnation product (H) for the protection of concrete structures according to European standard EN 1504-2.


Used in order to provide water repellency and protection against moisture penetration on natural and artificial stones (marble, stone, granite).
Also on renders, exposed concrete, AAC blocks, roof tiles, tile grouts, decorative bricks, etc.
Ideal for the protection of the decorative mortars SD 60 RETRO and FC 1200, as well as the microcement coatings SD 70 DÉCOR, SD 80 DÉCOR•FLEX and SD 90 DÉCOR•MICRO FLEX.
Ideal for applications where solvent smells are undesirable.


Approximately 0.10-0.25 kg/m2 depending on the surface’s absorbency.


Available in:

  • 1kg, 5kg and 20kg plastic containers

Storage: 18 months from production date, if stored in original, sealed container, protected from direct sunlight and frost.