acrylic brushable elastomeric roof-coating

Brushable elastomeric roof-coating, based on acrylic polymers.
After it is applied, it forms an elastic membrane without joints, highly resistant to UV radiation and with high solar-reflectance properties.
Contains no organic solvents.
Classified as coating (C) for the protection of concrete structures according to European standard EN 1504-2.


Used for waterproofing roofs, as well as difficult points such as corners, edges, joints between different materials or for sealing cracks in roofs.
Also suitable as cool roof-coating due to its high solar reflectance.


Approximately 1.0-1.5 kg/m2 in two layers, depending on the substrate’s type.


Available in:

  • 5kg and 15kg plastic containers

Storage: 12 months from production date, if stored in original, sealed container, protected from direct sunlight and frost.