RP 3000

Fast-setting one-coat repairing plaster
polymer-modified - fiber-reinforced

Polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cementitious fast-setting and fast-drying mortar, for repairing old and new structures.
Classified as CS II / W1 / A1 type mortar according to European standard EN 998-1.


For repair works to restore plaster segments, as well as any repair on masonry surfaces of building structures.
Ideal for repairing corners (edges) and installing corner beads.
Suitable for interior and exterior use.


Approximately 12-14 kg/m2 for a 1cm thick layer.


Available in:

  • 5kg plastic bags
  • 25kg paper bags

Shelf life: At least 12 months from production date in sealed bags, protected from moisture and direct sun exposure.