RP 4000

Fiber-reinforced high strength repairing mortar
class R4

Cement-based, fiber-reinforced mortar, containing silica fume and polymers.
It exhibits very high mechanical properties, modulus of elasticity similar to high-specifications concrete, very good dimensional stability and high bonding strength to concrete and steel.
Classified as class CC R4 cementitious mortar for the repair of concrete structures according to European standard EN 1504-3.


Suitable for highly demanding repairs to concrete elements.
It can be applied in layers up to 60mm thick by hand, with a trowel or a suitable piston or worm-screw type spraying machine on horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces.


Approximately 18-19 kg/m2 for a 1cm thick layer.


Available in:

  • 5kg plastic bags
  • 25kg paper bags

Storage: 12 months from production date, if stored in original, sealed packaging, protected from direct sunlight and moisture.